Sculpture on the autoroute Barcelona-Gerona, Spain
12m80 H / 42'-0" H

First prize in an international competition for Sculpture on the Autoroute, fabrication and installation were included in the award.

The issue of scale in relation to the road in a natural setting became a truly fundamental consideration. (Of the 15 or so other sculptures subsequently installed on the autoroute, none apparently addressed this issue.)

Another major consideration was to arive at a fairly legible design that could be understood quickly from a car travelling at 130 km/hour and yet have sufficient interest for someone stopping on the wayside. Given the location on the Sun Coast of Spain, the theme of Helios, the Sun-god was quite apt.

Material: painted steel
sheet steel-5 to 22 mm (3/16" to 7/8")
square tubes-35mm (1-1/2")