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Elementary school, Rue des Alouettes and rue Fessart, Paris 19º
4m80 H x 27m00 L / 15'-9" H x 90'-0" L (approx. 670 sq. ft.)

Close collaboration with the architect was essential as this sculpture was conceived as a covered gallery enclosing the upper courtyard and separating it from the playground. The gallery was an integral part of the original architectural parti.

A module of 120 cm (4-feet) was used for the paving pattern and placement of posts and, vertically, for structural and design elements. The sculpture, relatively simple near the building, rises and becomes more complex as it approaches the centre.

The elements are abstractions of birds and wings in flight. The theme is eminently sutable for an elementary school, particularly one situated on Lark Street. The graphics of the structural framing recall a cage -- hence the title.

Material: painted steel posts -- Ø 152 (6") pipe encased in fibro-cement tubes covered with tiles;
drainage of rain water the same;
sheet and perforated steel-2.5mm (3/32");
steel flats and shapes;
armoured glass.